Frequently Asked Questions

How close do you clean to my garage door?

We stay about 1 foot away from garage doors and buildings we also stay about 1 foot away from vehicles parked in driveways.

We will clean in front of your garage door sidewalks and public sidewalks within 24 hrs of the end of the snowfall or you can do them yourself.

Are you insured?

Yes we carry $2 million general liability as well as commercial auto we also have Workmen’s Compensation and pay all applicable taxes required of the company we strongly suggest you only hire a fully insured company

Is there a problem if a car is parked on my driveway?

No our operators are trained to work around them however we will not clear the area that is in accessible because of the car. If you expect to have a car on the driveway when we arrive we recommend that you make sure to place it as close to the top and side of the driveway as possible to allow the operator matching access as possible. one thing to remember is that if you have a car is blocking your driveway and we are unable to service the drive and you want us to make a return trip after the car is moved there be an additional cost

Does your equipment make a lot of noise?

Believe it or not our equipment makes less noise than the traditional walk behind snowblower plus we are in and out of your driveway in under five minutes minimizing the amount of disturbance caused to both you and your neighbors. in all likelihood you probably won’t even realize that we are there

Your equipment looks big will it damage my driveway or grass?

No the compact tractor and blower will not crack your asphalt or concrete although it looks large the weight of the machine is evenly distributed over the extra large surface area of the tires so that there is actually more weight per square inch being applied to your asphalt by your own car than by our tractors and our drivers are trained to lower their blowers in a controlled manner. Furthermore driveway markers are installed on the edge of your driveway to identify the boundaries of the driveway so the drivers do not drive on your grass. Snow blowing with the tractor is one of the best methods in the industry at the moment for clearing snow from your driveway. Unlike other service providers if by chance we do scrape your grass we will promptly reseed in the spring and there will be no large chunks of sod destroyed as with those using pick-ups or skid loaders.

What about water valves on my driveway?

It is the responsibility of the homeowner to make sure that any water valve caps are protruding in the driveway to contact a plumber to have it lowered… If the Is not flush with the level of the driveway it may very well likely get picked up and blown onto the yard so please make sure someone takes care of this in advance. We are not responsible for damage to water shut off valves.

What is your repair policy?
Our operators are required to record any damages caused to your property on their worksheets at time of an incident. Exclusions to this rule include any and all items left in the immediate work area of our equipment on the driveway. Examples would be flowers pots and planters downspouts, recycling bins or extension cords.

Do you spread salt on the driveway if it is icy?

No if you would like us to apply salt after an ice storm you can call us and we can send someone out and this will be billed accordingly

Let us blow your snow. No unsightly or dangerous snow piles at the end of your driveway to block your line of vision.